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    Fish Taco Chronicles is a quarterly print fishing magazine that has been publishing since 1995. Co-founders Shawn Arnold and Leonard Davenport started the little “rag” more or less as a hobby. A way to go fishing and tell their wives they were working.
     Whether you enjoy freshwater fishing, sport fishing or fly fishing our magazine has something for every Angler. We feature articles on local fishing tournaments, the latest fishing gear, tackle, charters, guides and much more...
    Please enjoy this months issue and if you would like to read previous issues you may do so by clicking here.

A few stories from the past issue. To see ALL the stories subscribe today!
Fish Taco Chronicles Summer 2016 Issue
Yellowtail - BoSERIOLA DORSALIS:  
The best part of catching yellowtail is eating them.  Bleed them as soon as they hit the deck, flush them out with a hose and get them on ice!    Until you have landed a large mossback you do not know the power that these jacks possess.  The ability they have to take you into whatever structure is nearby, be it an open water floating kelp paddy or a barnacle encrusted island reef is uncanny.  Hang a large model on the outer reef at Orange Rocks (Catalina) and you better turn its head early or you will get dusted. 
    Over the years, I am on my ninth season with Options, the fall cycle seems to be the time that big yellowtail will populate that reef in numbers.  It holds fish year round but October/November seems to bring in the bruisers.  Several years ago we were in the right place, at the right time but got outgunned.  Walt a fine customer of ours hooked one first and was slow to get up the rail and even with a two speed reel he could not wrestle the fish away from the anchor chain.  I was up next and fought a vigorous battle but even a thicker gauge lead head hook was no match for the monster on the other end and bent out.  Captain Wes could not handle it and came down from the wheel house wielding a heavy stick with an 80 to 80 connection.  He hung a fish, bent the rod in half and then snap went the rod.
INSHORE BASS BASICSSpotted Bay bass are a great fish to start kids off fishing for.
    I can still remember many of my first fishing experiences with my dad. He bought a boat when I was about 5 years old and off to San Diego bay we went chasing the saltwater bass a friend had told him about. My brothers and I learned to fish on those bass and it turned into a passion of mine and theirs. After 50 plus years, I now guide for them and fish competitively for them. They are one of my favorite and could be yours as well!
    There are three inshore bass that southern California fishermen love to chase. They are the calico bass, which can reach a size of close to 15 pounds, and is probably the most favorite. The barred sand bass, which also can reach the ‘teens’ and are just as popular with fishermen. Finally, the spotted sand bass or spotted bay bass, cousin to the barred sand bass. The great thing about these fish are that they are available to fish for year round.

THREE GENERATIONS ON THE MOUNTAINHere is the Cluff family running the resort today . L-R - Asher, Ken, ShaleAnn,  Aiden and Ezra
    There’s a place up in the Eastern High Sierras that a family by name of Cluff has owned and operated for the past 30 years. This family friendly resort is just west of the town of Bishop. Nestled in an aspen grove, CVR is surrounded by spectacular mountain peaks. It’s a haven for fisherman with well stocked lakes and streams. Cardinal Village Resort has been enjoyed for seventy years as a family run vacation destination and is still going strong today. The rich history of this place goes back in time to an era in which the village was alive with gold mining. It was once owned by Gaylord Wilshire and frequented by writer Jack London and other notable celebrities. The rental cabins today are the actual cabins that the miners built and lived in over a century ago when the gold mine was in operation.
    The mine closed in August 1938 and the miners moved on. The place sat empty for eight years but in 1946, the McLaurin family purchased the run down property and turned it into a full scale fish camp. Cardinal changed hands about every 15 years until Hal and Barbara Cluff became the proud owners of the resort in the fall of 1985.In that first summer a young man, by the name of Marlon Meade, introduced himself to the Cluff’s. Marlon really hit it off with Hal and Barbara. He recalls “The Cluff’s hospitality makes everyone feel like they are good friends”.

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Three Road Trips for
Summer Surf Fishing
Big corbina like this invade Carpinteria in late summer
    Summer is just a month away and it’s time to start thinking about where to go for some exciting summer surf fishing.  California offers so many great places to go but here are three of my favorite spots for summer surf fishing road trips.
    Carpinteria State Beach is just south of Santa Barbara.  This is one of my favorite places to camp and fish.  It’s the only place I’ve ever camped where you don’t need to take a lick of food.  Within a short walk from the park you will find Linden Ave.  This is the “main street” of Carpinteria where you’ll find dozens of restaurants, galleries and stores all laid out on a beautifully landscaped avenue.  Sports bars, food establishments and entertainment are just a short walk from the campgrounds.
    The park it self is large and has over two-hundred campsites.  About one third of the sites are adjacent to the sand and provide access to several miles of great fishing beach.  The park offers sand dunes, picnic tables and full camping facilities including flush  toilets and coin showers.  Camping here is great for both motor homes and tent campers.  The park offers interpretive programs weekly where you can learn about both the history and environment of the area from park rangers.  As with most of our State parks, camping fills up quickly and a reservation is required.

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East Cape - I'll take the small onesMark Rayor Blog
    Late August and September we typically see little traffic.  It is kind of ironic because this time brings some of our best fishing of the season.  This year is no exception.  There are not many people in town and the ones that are here are enjoying excellent fishing and having the time of their lives.
    At the beginning of the month water temp in the Sea of Cortez started to soar and was approaching 90 degrees.  Blue marlin and sailfish were providing action but yellowfin tuna and wahoo started to evaporate.  Then tropical storm Javier passed by the tip of Cabo San Lucas.  The storm was small and never caused much concern but did dump several inches of rain.  The storm dropped water temperatures to a more desirable 84-85 degrees.  Since that time we have endured a couple other named storms but they also have been small with little wind but dumping more rain. The storms that have passed cooling the water have made it much less likely that a huge hurricane will form.  I'll take the small ones that bring rain and get us wet any day.

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